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22 October 2022 @ 11:40 pm
hello, everyone. :)

this was formerly my icon journal, but since i don't make icons anymore (too lazy), i've turned it into a "translations" journal. and i say that in quotes because i still don't think i'm qualified to translate from japanese to english. but anyway. i'll try my best.

..so, if i'm on your friends' list from before (there's a few of you guys) and do not want to see this stuff, you can delete me from your friends' list, okay? :D
it's just that i don't want to make a new journal because i don't like plus accounts. haha.

i shall be translating various lyrics and magazine articles of mostly NEWS and KAT-TUN, but others as well if i feel like it.
my "translations" are for my own learning purposes (and for learning more about the boys duh), so they probably will not be totally accurate. so, if i made a mistake, please keep this in mind. i'm still learning japanese, so feel free to correct me.

- if you want, you can give me credit if you're re-posting it somewhere else; just don't say you did the translations yourself, k?
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